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Can a

snack be cool?

The Challenge

Deep River Snacks is widely known for its line of uniquely flavored kettle-cooked potato chips. As a better-for-you snacking alternative, their chips are made using an ingredient list you can feel good about while still delivering bold and delicious flavor. With a winning formula under its belt, they were ready to shake up another category: tortilla chips. 

Our Solution

We began by creating a name that would cut through the clutter of the chip aisle and connect with our target consumer. We collaborated with Tipping Gardner and soon, HONCHOS was born. Our focus then turned to identity and packaging design, where we looked to communicate both intense flavor and better-for-you ingredients in an exciting way. Through back panel and off-pack communications, we established a distinctive brand voice that resonated with our Millennial target. HONCHOS is a better-for-you snack that's not bland — in flavor or in personality. 


What's a honcho? "Head honchos" are leaders, those who aren't afraid to step up or speak up, those who take charge, and do the right thing. Deep River Snacks is a "honcho" in the snacking industry, leading the charge in creating better-for-you snacking alternatives full of bold flavor without the nonsense ingredients.

Brand Voice

Building on the brand voice established on the front panel with the "Join the Real Ingredient Revolution" language, we developed copy for back panel and other messaging headlines intended for use in off-pack communications. While it was important for HONCHOS to look like a leader, it had to sound like one, too. CTAs such as "Take a Stand," "Demand Bold Flavor," and "Be a Honcho" reinforce HONCHOS' position as a leader inspiring others to follow suit. It was equally important to sound more like a friend and less like a brand talking down to you about health benefits, which is why language like "Nothing fake. For real." and "No fake stuff" was put to use.

Logo & Packaging

HONCHOS challenges the snack status quo with a revolutionary spirit, 
and we used that as a starting point for design. We derived inspiration from propaganda posters, leaning on a hand-drawn illustration of a hand holding 
a chip to convey that revolutionary spirit. Rich and vibrant colors paired with sans serif, all-caps, block type in the logo and flavor names help to communicate bold flavor. Better-for-you is communicated through trademarked copy, "Join the Real Ingredient Revolution", along with 
a triad of organically-shaped badges which highlight product benefits.