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Honest Fizz

How do you add fizz
and stay Honest?

The Challenge

Honest Tea approached us to help them introduce a new line of naturally-sweetened, zero-calorie sodas. Known for their organic, “just a tad sweet” line of teas, Honest needed the Fizz packaging to appeal to flavor-led consumers and convince them to trade up from traditional, chemically-sweetened diet sodas.

Our Solution

Instinctively appealing to soda drinkers required deviation from the core brand. We introduced whimsical illustrations activated with bubbles to animate each flavor variant, supported by playful product naming. The white background and black Honest logo connect it back to the beloved parent.


Vibrant illustrations deliver mouth-watering flavor appeal while standing out on the white background and demanding attention on shelf. Zero calorie is prominently featured along with bubble graphics, ensuring the brand proposition is clear: a natural alternative to diet soda.

“The collaboration between our in-house team and Beardwood&Co. resulted in a clear and clever design that simply makes you smile when you see it on shelf. ”

Michael Kravit

Creative Director, Honest Tea