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How do you design for the millennial man?

The Challenge

Iron-Tek made its mark making natural workout supplements, targeting mostly bodybuilders and professional athletes. As fitness nutrition is no longer just for bodybuilders, Iron-Tek needed a drastic brand overhaul to appeal to active, fitness-oriented millennial men.

Our Solution

We replaced the dated muscle-car colors and typography with vintage Americana imagery and an easy-to-navigate information hierarchy, positioned to play in today's modern “shake culture.”

A Simple Regimen

The new Iron-Tek line is organized clearly, making it easy to integrate into a fitness regimen. Products are categorized by when they are most effective: pre-workout, post-workout, or everyday. We integrated this information into a clean hierarchy that makes it easy to discover each product's purpose and its place in the regimen.

No-Nonsense Brand Voice

Our target guy is looking for a simplified line of fitness nutrition products and also for brands that tell it like it is. With that in mind, we adopted a down-to-earth, straightforward and encouraging brand voice to cut through the nonsense and resonate with our guy in a meaningful way.

Inspired by Americana

In our research, we discovered a classic Army poster from the 1940's, illustrated by Harold von Schmidt. This classic lumberjack feels vintage yet relevant — he's fit because he's healthy and active. We rounded out the line with illustrations in a similar style, showing fit men at work in a smelting factory and at the waterworks.

Web and Social Media

We designed and directed development on a responsive website for Iron-Tek. The site highlights both the products and the lifestyle of the modern man and woman through evocative imagery and an integrated Tumblr feed. Having already established the brand voice, we also wrote all copy on the website.