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Little Secrets

How do you trigger appetite appeal for grown-ups?

The Challenge

Little Secrets is a dark chocolate candies brand started by entrepreneur, Chris Mears, in Boulder, Colorado in 2013. Adults love the bold Little Secrets flavors and uncompromising mix of the best all-natural ingredients. But, launch packaging looked childish and fun, missing out on appetite appeal and adult cues.

Our Solution

Little Secrets has wildly delicious product, so our objective for the new packaging was to look as delicious as it tastes. As a better-for-you treat at a more expensive price point, it was critical to look premium and sophisticated. For off-pack and website communications, the keys were consistency and enabling the bright product colors and ingredient photography to pop.

Logo + Packaging Design

The new logo reflects their bold, cheeky and optimistic personality, and the bullseye stands out at shelf. Taking an editorial-inspired approach to photography, we developed top-down shots of spontaneously composed candy pieces and ingredients to create mouth-watering appetite appeal. The subtle “speech bubble” background pattern infuses the pack with some of the brand’s playful personality, while the white color allows the photographic elements to pop.

In-Store Display

The in-store display design follows the same convention as the packaging with the brand bullseye standing front and center at the top of the structure. The side panels highlight the brand’s personality in order to create a consistent brand experience to off-pack communications.

“[After the redesign] Little Secrets quickly quadrupled the number of stores it was in, to about 4,000, and national chains that once said no were now saying yes.”

Entrepreneur Magazine


We redesigned a fully responsive site on WordPress to reflect the rebrand. The intent was to keep the website feeling as clean and modern as the packaging itself. To appeal to the target consumer, we also developed a series of playful photographs of the new packaging featured on the homepage to look like a social feed.

“I honestly could not be any happier about how it turned out. Everyone that has seen it is blown away. I can't wait for it to hit the guys really nailed it.”

Chris Mears

Founder, Little Secrets