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Neuman's Kitchen

How does a brand
dress to impress?

The Challenge

We were approached by Neuman’s Catering to help evolve their 30-year-old brand to be more appealing and relevant accross the spectrum of premier special events and catering clients they serve in New York City and the surrounding area.

Our Solution

We began by conducting research with current and propective customers to better understand their motivations. By changing the name to Neuman’s Kitchen and adding the descriptor Events & Catering, we clarified that they excel at both special events and traditional catering.


The new top hat and artichoke identity is a dressed-up take on the thoughtful creativity that sets Neuman’s Kitchen apart from the competition. The well-crafted design highlights their commitment to presentation and the attentive service that defines their brand.


The website evokes a premium editorial feel with elegant typography and artful food photography. It caters to brides, high-end event specialists, and corporations. The two door entrance on the home page makes it clear to the visitor that Neuman’s Kitchen excels at both events & catering.

“Over the past year Neuman’s Kitchen has experienced a dramatic increase in sales, and I believe this is directly related to our new branding and website.”

Paul Neuman

President, Neuman's Kitchen


We had the opportunity to work with the talented Beth Galton to bring Neuman’s Kitchen to life. From lighting and propping, to surfaces and orientation, the photography brings an authentic premiumness to the brand. The artfully arranged ingredients brings to life the Neuman’s Kitchen tagline, Deliciously Inspired.

Brand Touchpoints

We created an entire design system that extends to vehicles, uniforms, serving trays, menus, and more. Each application builds on the brand with signature green accents and a cream colored background providing the perfect stage for their new tagline: "Deliciously Inspired."