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Palmolive Portfolio

How do you turn a shelf into a brand billboard?

The Challenge

Palmolive is a historic brand rooted in the iconic green Original scent. But as the portfolio expanded, product variants were not always communicating consistently. Logos changed size from pack to pack and visual and verbal communication was often out of sync.

Our Solution

For over three years, we’ve worked with Palmolive to reinvent nearly every product in their portfolio. Starting with the portfolio architecture and culminating with a new logo, we have simplified and updated — giving Palmolive a contemporary, fresh and inviting brand evolution relevant for today.

Logo Redesign

Our modified and now consistently-placed logo creates visual alignment across the shelf, freeing it from a restrictive edge-to-edge lock up. The uplifted hand is an optimistic gesture while the droplet mimics the bottle structure and reinforces Palmolive’s brand equity: soft on hands, tough on grease. All backed by a radiant clean sparkle.

“Successful products driving volume growth in the U.S. include… Palmolive Soft Touch and Palmolive Lotus Blossom & Lavender dish liquids.”


2013 Full Year Investment Report

On-Shelf Impact

The consistent placement and scale of the new Palmolive logo creates high impact on shelf, unifying the full portfolio of products into one powerful impression.