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Pinch Provisions

How do you make preparedness fashionable?

The Challenge

Ms. & Mrs., the leading purveyor of premium emergency essentials, discovered that its coveted line of personal care kits (Minimergency®, Shemergency®, and Hemergency®) had better recall than the company’s name. The company name was misspelled, mispronounced and misattributed on a regular basis, limiting their opportunities for growth and future product expansion.

Our Solution

We renamed the company Pinch Provisions and designed a fresh, cohesive packaging system for its kits and the essentials within that highlights the fashion and function of these fabulous products. The new system allows for flexibility and consistency across the wide range of current products and easily accommodates future launches.


We developed an umbrella brand name that works with the existing product names and provides flexibility to develop new ones. Pinch Provisions provides what you need in a pinch, while also alluding to the diminutive size of much of its product line. The inherent alliteration of the name makes it fun to say and visually appealing.


The clean, simple, modern identity is bold enough to stand out in fashion-driven retailers such as Sephora & J.Crew. Since the kit styles vary in color and material every season, the identity had to pop across a wide range of backgrounds and allow the product to be the hero. The back panel with illustrations of each essential communicates the contents of each kit and reinforces in a telegraphic way why each kit is worth it.

“People love to be prepared for life's little emergencies—not only for themselves, but for those around them. We're thrilled that our new name communicates this emotional benefit, while also reflecting our playful personality.”

Stephanie Kaplan

Pinch Provisions Co-Founder

Bridetastic and the Wedding Line

The Bridetastic Deluxe Wedding Emergency kit takes preparedness to the next level for the bride-to-be. It’s the must-have gift for any bridal shower registry. We developed the name Bridetastic and extended the visual identity and illustration style, in a celebratory silver and gold color palette, across the entire bridal line of kits.