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Seventh Generation Hand Wash

How can fresh design double sales overnight?

The Challenge

Seventh Generation is renowned for their commitment to a toxin-free environment and creating well-loved products. While they had existing hand wash products, the packaging was not standing out in the vibrant and design-driven retail environment.

Our Solution

We created a unique packaging design system that is true to their brand mission and beautiful enough to earn a place on the kitchen counter or bathroom vanity. Upon launch, the new design drove sales to double almost overnight.

Packaging Design

The new packaging design celebrates the natural ingredients with bright, colorful botanical photography. The belly-band treatment adds a premium touch, while clear and recyclable bottles showcase the simple goodness of the product formulas. Interior printing on the labels creates a glowing color effect. The display worthy packaging also tapped into interior design trend forecasts and aligned with Pantone's signature "color of the year" predictions. As a special honor, Seventh Generation named Beardwood&Co as their 2014 Agency of the Year.

“We always knew packaging design was important to consumers when it comes to hand wash, but were still blown away to see how much they loved these new bottles. We’re actually having trouble keeping them in stock.”

Joey Bergstein

CMO at Seventh Generation