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S'well Innovation

Traveler &

Tumbler Collections

The Challenge

S'well Bottle began with a mission of ridding the world of plastic bottles and by creating unity between fashion
 and function, S'well has become the fastest growing female-owned company in the country. The original S’well
 bottles set a new fashionable standard for water bottle form and functionality and has developed a passionate 
brand loyalty. Their team came to us to leverage what is loved about the S’well bottle and chart out their brand’s innovation pipeline for the coming five years.

Our Solution

The Traveler and Tumbler collections expand on that vision by creating beautiful vessels that
 replace the ubiquitous paper coffee cup or disposable bottles while keeping beverages hot
 or cold. True to the S’well brand DNA, both collections feature sleek and distinctive structure 
shapes in a range of colors and patterns that fit well with the S’well bottle (pictured on left below).


The larger mouth opening on the Traveler is safe for pouring and sipping hot liquids like coffee or tea and has an excellent hand grip for opening and closing.


The Tumblers offer a range of sizes to work with all beverage types for at home use. The Tumbler can be used as is, or with a removable sipping lid that is perfect for taking drinks on-the-go.