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Thornton Tomasetti

How do you create brand unity for a complex business?

The Challenge

Thornton Tomasetti, a leading global structural engineering firm, approached Beardwood&Co to modernize their brand image and clarify their offering. Their business is organized into six different practices: Structural Engineering, Construction Engineering, Facade Engineering, Sustainability, Forensics and Property Loss Consulting. They asked us “How can a single idea represent everything we do?”

Our Solution

Working with the executive team, we uncovered Thornton Tomasetti’s difference: the problem-solving nature of their people and their way of collaborating with clients. We developed a building-block visual system that links their built work with the people who make it happen.

Brand Essence

The Thornton Tomasetti brand is about solving clients’ challenges through the values of imagination, integrity, and teamwork. This brand essence and the tagline "Building Solutions" were the basis for all the creative work that followed.

Brand Identity

The new positioning was brought to life in a brand identity system that uses interlocking blocks of Thornton Tomasetti-engineered buildings and their people in action, connected through a proprietary terracotta and olive color scheme. We extended this system to all printed collateral and communications. Our final deliverable was a comprehensive set of templates and branding guidelines, available on the web for easy access by all employees.

“Beardwood&Co. developed a strategic foundation for the work and did a terrific job executing and providing templates across multiple touchpoints. They remain an important resource as we continue to evolve our brand.”

James Kent

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Thornton Tomasetti


Like all top-tier companies, Thornton Tomasetti is in global competition for engineering talent. An internal learning tool was created to provide comprehensive training and career growth opportunities to attract and retain talent. We organized an internal naming contest for the site, leading to the name ThinkTank, a clever play off the two T's in Thornton Tomasetti. We created a logo and identity system to position ThinkTank as a digital learning brand and a place for employees to learn from each other. A color-coded system of icons distinguishes the areas of learning.