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How do you make
wellness irresistible?

The Challenge

Westin Hotels & Resorts, part of the Starwood family, came to us for help with a brand positioning evolution from “Personal Renewal” to “Preserving Wellness in Travel.” They asked us to clarify what wellness means to their guests and how they could communicate it most effectively across touchpoints.

Our Solution

We fielded and facilitated global qualitative research to understand what wellness means on a personal level and how to demonstrate it visually and verbally. As expected [or – we learned that], travelers do not want to be told what constitutes wellness; they will define it for themselves. They are looking for a wealth of good choices to pick from so that they can determine what they need to “travel well.”

Before & After

When we started, Westin had some strong visual elements, but their system was inconsistent. Westin wanted to stand for “wellness,” but were not entirely sure what this meant and how to demonstrate it.


We created a consistent and flexible visual identity across all touchpoints and developed the brand voice across all communications, so that every piece of collateral – from Superfood Menus and in-room messaging to the website and promotional emails – conveyed the brand positioning.


Through our research, we defined a target group of “balance-seekers” who place a priority on maintaining their well-being. Westin promises these travelers an irresistibly feel-good wellness experience. As an oasis of calm from the outside world, Westin is the perfect environment to unwind and restore yourself.