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Wissotzky Tea

How do you import a
brand for the U.S. market?

The Challenge

Wissotzky Tea is the leading tea brand in Israel and is known for exceptional quality blends among tea connoisseurs worldwide. Wissotzky asked us to design packaging to launch their brand into the premium segment of the US market.

Our Solution

We started with the Wissotzky packaging in Israel. We needed to introduce US consumers to an unknown brand and highlighted their rich heritage – a family-owned company that has created the most incredibly wonderful teas since 1849. Leveraging the silky smooth tea bag resonated with the brand’s audience to convey the uniqueness of the Wissotzky tea experience. In the end, we were successful in conveying Wissotzky’s rich heritage through a sophisticated and elevated packaging system.


The Wissotzky Signature Collection packaging features glamour shots of the tea bag and cup silhouetted on black to drive appetite appeal. Brightly colored lids distinguish each flavor and drive shelf stand-out. The overhead tea-cup shot captures the personal experience in enjoying a cup of freshly brewed Wissotzky tea, a soothing and special moment of “me time.”

Seal and Signature

We added a signature for Klonimus Wissotzky, the company’s founder, to reinforce the brand’s heritage story. We also designed a handcrafted Wissotzky seal which cued heritage with its intricacy and premium gold finish.

Shelf Impact

In the crowded and competitive tea section, Wissotzky stands out with a sophisticated, yet very simple design. While the black background is a unifying brand color, the eye-catching colored box-tops make it easy to find your favorite blend.