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How do you define
a category of one?

The Challenge

Zicam engaged us to redesign their packaging, to define and own the Pre-Cold™ category. Beyond that, the packaging needed to evoke a proactive, effective, approachable and trustworthy brand personality within the OTC Homeopathic category. Improving navigation across 15 SKU’s at shelf was a critical step to help people find the right variant.

Our Solution

Our first step was to create a Pre-Cold™ Seal in the shape of a bulls-eye as a unifying element that communicates what Zicam does and when to take it. Zicam’s equities — the bold orange color and blue-on-white brand identity — were retained and enhanced for a more efficacious and modern feel.

Pre-Cold™ Seal

One of the primary challenges Zicam faced was communicating when their product should be taken. The Pre-Cold™ Seal is featured at the center of every Zicam package, unifying the line, acting as a bullseye on shelf, and calling attention to Zicam's most differentiating characteristic.

Information Architecture

The previous Zicam packaging had information spread across the entire front of the package. By condensing all product information into a box at the bottom of the package, more space is given to brand messaging, and customers can now easily scan the shelf for their preferred product.

“The Pre-Cold™ Seal is a big advantage for our brand. It positions us as leaders in this category with a strong, central unifying element that has badge value for consumers.”

Leslie Molloy

SVP Marketing, Zicam LLC

Total Immune

After our redesign of their core line, Zicam reached back out to us to help them create their new subbrand for the immunity category. To compete with brands like Airborne and Emergen-C, Zicam Total Immune needed to balance both the approachability that is the category norm, and the authority of the Zicam brand.


To balance the connection to the Zicam core brand while signifying the different purpose of this line, the packaging retains the familiar Zicam logo on white at at the top, but moves to a vibrant blue and green color palette. The products are shown in an activated state, as are the fruit flavors, bringing life to the pack on shelf. Each product features a green shield, summarizing the core product features.