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Hill's Science Diet

Global Packaging

The Challenge

Hill’s Science Diet is a brand associated with being “vet recommended”, but it lacked the emotional connection consumers were looking for when purchasing food for their pets. Pet parents are earnest and committed to going above and beyond in making informed decisions to enrich the lives of their pets; they want to purchase the right products, they just need reassurance and guidance.

Our Solution

We linked science and food in an engaging and inclusive way with language and cues that emphasized “activated” nutrition and its benefits for skin, digestion, immune system and muscle support. We brought to life pets at their peak health with bright eyes, coy smiles, tongues wagging, lips licking, and happy tails. The pet personalities create a cast of characters, reinforcing love and connection, online and at shelf.

Packaging Redesign

The refreshed design for Hill’s Science Diet is all about giving your pets the care that leads to a happy, healthy life and offering science-based nutrition that gives your dog or cat exactly what they need to thrive.

“Our approach was very much about listening to pet parents. We needed to make the science behind our products self-evident and more approachable to them. We also needed to create a visceral emotional reaction with the pet photography, so pet parents could connect with the healthy and happy pet on the bag.”

Jesper Nordengaard

Vice President and General Manager of Hill’s US

The new pet photography highlights the engaging, lovable personality of each pet and exudes good health through bright eyes, shiny coats and happy tongues.

The new packaging simplifies shelf navigation with less claim copy and clearly communicates to differentiate between offerings within the portfolio of products, through the use of color (red or silver), to signal everyday wellness or specialty diets.

“From the impactful photography that radiates good health to clearly stated science-based benefits and real food ingredients, the new designs beautifully convey Hill’s mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationship between people and their pets.”

Jennifer Giannotti-Genes

Associate Global Design Director for Hill’s at Colgate-Palmolive