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Sabra + Obela Rebrand

Global Logo and
Packaging Redesign

The Challenge

Sabra is America’s favorite hummus, with almost 60% market share. Outside North America, the brand is called Obela, and uses a different logo and packaging design. Our challenge was to harmonize the two brands with an iconic logo and evolve both to a unified packaging system across categories from hummus to guacamole, tzatziki, bean dips and on-the-go snacks.

Our Solution

The Chickpea Sun logo unifies the brands and symbolizes the warmth of the Mediterranean, bringing people together to connect over food. Sabra is a healthy plant-based food that’s fun, delicious and perfect for sharing. New packaging creates strong differentiation from the rest of the category with a vertical label that features tasty ingredients and the view through to the product.

Chickpea Sun Logo

The new Sabra Chickpea Sun symbol takes ownership of the chickpea ingredient that is at the heart of hummus. It is surrounded by 5 sesame seed rays that represent Sabra’s five core values: Openness, Trust, Passion, Caring, and Daring. A custom Sabra wordmark keeps the playful “musicality” of the previous version while adding a bolder impression.

“From the Sabra sun which is recast as a chickpea evoking the warmth at the heart of the Mediterranean, to fresh ingredients shot in sunshine on a kitchen cutting board, the new designs enhance flavor expectation and beautifully convey Sabra’s brand personality and promise.”

Eugenio Perrier

Chief Marketing Officer, Sabra Dipping Company


With its iconic red rim unchanged, Sabra’s top label has been reoriented from horizontal to vertical. These vertical labels guide the eye naturally to the new logo, then color-coded flavor, ingredients and finally to the transparent view of the product (a packaging innovation Sabra first introduced in the early 2000s).


Our distinctive photographic approach elevates Mediterranean inspiration with sunlit ingredients on a wooden cutting board, shining a light on the fresh ingredients that deliver great flavor, naturally.

“We are in an era of real food. Consumers care more about the quality of ingredients and the innate healthfulness of what we eat. Sabra recognized it was time to let the ingredients shine. It was important to retain the clear window which Sabra pioneered to communicate trustworthiness and transparency while giving that mouthwatering glimpse at what awaits you when you open the pack.”

Eugenio Perrier

Chief Marketing Officer, Sabra Dipping Company

Brand Unification

Obela is the sister brand of Sabra outside North America. This redesign harmonizes the look and feel of the two brands, creating a single, engaging brand identity for Sabra and Obela that can be introduced to markets around the world.


The new Obela packaging uses the same iconic red rim, vertical label and photography style as Sabra. What’s different is that Obela keeps colored backgrounds for each flavor since that color-coded approach is recognized by customers in the countries where Obela already exists.

“These harmonized brands deliver a set of consumer expectations for high-quality and freshness in the dips and spreads category that continues our journey to make hummus a global food.”

Chandler Gotschlich

Associate Director Marketing, Sabra + Obela