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How do you unlock humanity in the world of payments?

The Challenge

TSYS is well-known as one of the largest credit card processors in the world. Over the years, they have acquired several companies and expanded service offerings to better serve existing customers and reach new ones, leaving the corporate brand fragmented, inconsistent and in need of a visual refresh.

Our Solution

To support the future of company growth, we developed a well-defined and compelling brand strategy, brand architecture and messaging – rooted in target audience profiles by segment. We simplified and elevated the logo, upgraded the visual identity, reimagined the brand voice and executed design in their corporate offices.

Brand Positioning & Tagline

We partnered with TSYS offices all over the world and conducted extensive research and customer interviews to arrive at a clarified and elevated brand positioning and a newly adopted tagline — Unlocking Payment Opportunities — to unify the organization and excite customers.

House Style

With an energized color palette, a photographic style centered around real people and candid experiences, and a uniquely sophisticated illustration library, TSYS has been able to communicate its innovative evolution through a refreshed look and feel.

Continuous Line

At the heart of the house style is a continuous line graphic element that flows through creative work. The line was inspired by the TSYS logo and symbolizes the Unlocking Payment Opportunities tagline.

Icon System

Using the continuous line, we developed an ownable and telegraphic icon style and created special icons to reflect the TSYS values.

Brand Voice

We partnered with UK-based verbal branding agency, Reed Words, to arrive at a distinct TSYS voice that sounds trusted, confident and warm: “The Engaging Expert.”

Editorial Design

After the visual and verbal identity system was set, we designed key marketing materials and co-branded pieces that deliver the clean, simple and bold TSYS look.

Internal Campaigns

We created a poster series highlighting customer success stories and corporate values as well as key promotional products. The goal was to educate and excite TSYS team members around the world.


It was critical to demonstrate how the visual system extended to digital applications, such as the website, social media and Powerpoint presentations.

Environmental Graphics

Starting with mapping the customer journey, we developed an environmental graphics messaging strategy that started with the broadest, most important messages at the beginning (parking lot, lobby) and drilled down into more specific messaging the farther a visitor or team member gets when walking through the space.

Brand Guidelines

All of our strategic and creative work came to life in a 140+ page brand guidelines document that lives in an electronic format and is distributed to team members around the world.